To cover Kutch of different period , PCoG decided to pay a visit to Kutch Fossils Park situated near village Gondiyar, Tal. Nakhtrana, Kutch.

Mr. Mohansinh Sodha of the fossil park , with his sheer passion , sole handly has collected of nearly 13000 fossils of various variety roaming through out in Kutch since 1976.

He has exhibited his collection in various cities and in previous two Rannotsav organized in Rann of Kutch by the Government of Gujarat. What disappoints him is the lack of interest of general public let alone the government in “stones”.

In the absence of sufficient resources , he maintains all those fossils in a small room openly on wooden ramps. At PCoG we have decided to cover his work photographically , and publish through the medium net. Further his knowledge regarding the geography and history of Kutch is very vast and is useful we wish to record it somehow.

Thereafter we visited ancient temple of Than Jaagir. The temple is of Dhoramnath of Nath Sampradya. Near to that temple, one abandoned temple is there, which is to be said as the old Buddhist monastery. However there was nothing to prove the legend.